How To Pick The Right Dog For You

How To Pick The Right Dog For You

Hi, Guys welcome back to another blog. I'm so happy to see you again. Today I'm going over how to pick the right dog for you. 🐕

To everyone, that's new here, hi my name is Oscar & In Canine's World, our mission is not just to grow as a business, but to do our part to impact this world positively. These blogs are to spread knowledge & make learning fun. 


With that being said let us move on! 🐎


1. How Mature Do You Want Your Furry Pal To Be?


¹.Puppies are super adorable, but they do have to be potty trained, not to mention they go through a significantly biting & chewing stage. That can take months of consistency to endure & resolve. 


A huge advantage about owning a puppy is they don't know much about this amazing life, & you can be there to teach & guide them through their journey & that can be so much fun not to mention encouraging. Which will lead to creating a strong friendship. 


². While some mature dogs may have established behavior issues from their past homes. This can easily be overcome with few patients and consistency. Not to mention most older dogs already come potty trained. Which is a huge help. They may also know the basic commands such as stay and sit. 


2. Rate There Energy Level

Whenever you're ready to get a furry pal do not forget to evaluate their energy level this is the best way to determine which dog is best for you. I like to rate dogs on an energy scale from 1 - 3. 

Level 1 dogs are super chill & laid back. These dogs don't usually require much training honestly, because they're so laid back they are not likely to misbehave.

The only downside is it can be challenging to motivate a level 1 dog to do activities. Especially running. 

Level 2  dogs are right in the middle. Sometimes they are on and sometimes they're not. These furry pals are great for a semi-person. Who wants to play fetch or simply go out for a walk. 

Level 3 dogs are the most energetic. You will have to commit to high activities with them. You must exercise with them twice a day daily. To make sure you get all their energy out. Otherwise, this will come back to bite you with behavior issues. 

These are for super active people. They take an extreme amount of care and attention. If you don't give it to them they will most likely destroy your home. 

 ⚠️ It's normal for them to act actively when they first meet you. So spend some time with them and ask the owner or associate to tell you about their energy level to get a more complete picture. 


So ask yourself

¹ which of the three-level dogs do you want your furry pal to be?

². How much space can you give them in the house to run and stretch?

³. Mix breed or pure breed? 

⁴. Not to mention how much time you have to get that energy out?

That is all for today guys. Let me know if this was helpful at all.

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