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Outward Hound

Outward Hound Pet-A-Roo Front Style Pet Carrier - Black

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💎 Explore new ground with Outward Hound Gear! Their high-quality performance gear will keep your pup safely equipped for every new adventure! Keep your pup safe and comfortable with the PoochPouch Front Dog Carrier. This pup pack makes carrying your dog safe, comfortable and easy when you're on the go!

⚡ Key Benefits

  • Padding in straps, back and pouch bottom creates comfort for you and your dog.
  • Water-resistant nylon fabric is soft, durable and easy to clean.
  • Safety harness attachment and drawstring top give added security.
  • Mesh sides for well-ventilated rides.
  • Convenient pocket to store toys, food and personal items.

⚠ Precautions

To reduce risk of injury, only attach safety clip to dog harness, not to collar. Intended for dogs under 20 lbs. Each dog should be fit individually for suitability. Intended for dog use only.

Remember to consider the length and width of your pup for the perfect fit!


DIMENSIONS 8 x 11 x 10 inches
WEIGHT 1.44 pounds
BREED SIZE Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds
FEATURES Top Load, Interior Tether, Pockets
MATERIAL Nylon, Mesh



  1. Place the back of carrier against your chest and buckle waist strap around your midsection.
  2. Place strap over each shoulder.
  3. Cross straps in back and fasten buckles to corresponding middle support straps.
  4. Adjust straps until carrier is snug and comfortable against your body.
  5. Place dog inside carrier and attach safety strap to your dog’s harness.
  6. Adjust drawstring at top of pouch to secure dog inside.
  7. Enjoy a hands-free adventure with your pup!

Care Instructions

Hand wash with warm water and soap.


Size Dimensions Pet Weight
SMALL 6.5 x 10 x 8 inches up to 10 lbs
MEDIUM 8 x 11 x 10 inches up to 20 lbs

For the Active Lifestyle

Outward Hound offers outdoor performance gear so your pup can join you on the trails, in the water and on the go. Whether you are packing for a weeklong camping trip or planning a day-cation at the lake, the variety of Outward Hound products and sizes will keep the smallest Terrier or largest sporting dog outward bound. Simple to use and designed to withstand nature's toughest challenges, Outward Hound will keep you moving forward without slowing down you or your adventurous pup.

For the Active Lifestyle
Carrying Their Weight

Carrying Their Weight

The Outward Hound DayPak allows your four-legged friend to pack his own bags and hop in the car or run alongside you on the tree-lined path. With room for treats, food and toys, your dog will feel right at home wherever your adventure may lead you. For smaller pups whose legs tire easier, the Outward Hound PoochPouch allows them to feel the sun on their snouts and wind in their ears while sitting along for the ride. This front-body carrier straps against your chest for hands-free dog and owner comfort.

Dining Out(doors)

For a trip to the dog park or a day spent training outdoors, Outward Hound's got everything you need. Port-a-Bowl is a waterproof and collapsible bowl designed for food and water on the go, and it's made to fit in your pocket when not in use. The Outward Hound Treat Pouch is a portable and convenient way to reward your dog in style. This sleek bag is made from water-resistant material with a mesh outer pocket that makes it easy to store your dog's favorite treats and gives him something to wag his tail about.

Dining Out(doors)
Staying Safe on the Water

Staying Safe on the Water

Outward Hound's Life Jacket will keep your dog safe and secure while wading in the shallow end and splashing around in the deep. Perfect for a relaxing canoe ride, a sandy day on the beach or a weekend fishing trip, these vests will keep any size dog comfortable in and out of the water with adjustable buckles that create a perfect fit. The front float design keeps his head above water, and the multiple easy-grab handles allow you to pull him out of the water in a moment's notice.

About Outward Hound

Designed for dog lovers, by dog lovers, Outward Hound is made to keep up with your active lifestyle and withstand your pet's test of durability. By developing products that encourage fun bonding experiences between pets and their parents, Outward Hound nurtures our relationships and improves the lives we share with our dogs. Their unique lines of performance gear and heavy-duty toys create engaging and interactive experiences with products that push the boundaries of playtime and Raise The Woof.

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