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Rabbit Water Bottles

It’s important to make sure your bunny always has fresh water, so you’ll want to pick out a good rabbit water bottle, water bowl or other sturdy vessel to hold your bunny’s H2O. Canine's World has a great selection of rabbit feeders and bowls to help you find the perfect bunny water bottle to fit your needs.

The most popular watering accessory for bunnies is the cage-mounted sip-spout bottle. Many of these are made of chew-proof material and feature stainless steel, no-drip spouts to keep the cage nice and dry. Another good choice would be an automatic rabbit waterer or gravity-fed rabbit water feeder that keeps your bunny’s bowl continually replenished. Finally, good old-fashioned bowls work for water, too, and you can find a range of ceramic, metal and chew-proof composite styles to fit your needs. There are even tip-resistant designs and cage-mounted options for added stability.

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How much water does a rabbit drink in a day?

Rabbits drink roughly 50-150 mL/kg (0.77-2 oz/lb) of body weight per day. For a 5 lb. bunny, this means about 4-10 ounces of water a day is normal. Always check with your veterinary what is the ideal water intake for your rabbit.

How do I stop my rabbit water bottle from dripping?

To stop a rabbit water bottle from dripping first check the rubber ring to make sure it’s placed correctly. Then, try tapping the ball at the end of the spout—sometimes this takes care of it. Another trick is to squeeze the bottle a little after mounting.

How do you clean a rabbit water bottle?

You can clean your rabbit water bottle by handwashing it with dish soap, and water. A bottle brush is recommended for plastic bottles, while glass ones can do in the dishwasher. You can use a 1:10 bleach solution to disinfect if necessary, just rinse and dry well before refilling.