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No dog would turn down an extra helping of meat at dinnertime. Dog food toppers are a healthy way to add the meat they crave along with the protein they need. Meal toppers come in many forms, like freeze-dried raw bites food toppers, dehydrated dog food toppings, liquid broth dog food food topper, a savory blended purée or even a seasoning that can be sprinkled onto food. They’re usually made with only a few ingredients, and they add extra flavor and nutrients to any meal. Dog food toppers are great for picky eaters, and they also make a yummy snack. Freeze-dried meal enhancers provide an easy way for pet parents to treat their deserving pups to the taste of raw, but without the hassle. These dog food toppers are shelf stable, so you won’t have to store raw meat in the freezer. Just open up the bag and top off your pet’s everyday chow with a layer of raw, freeze-dried bits of meat plus nutritious fruits, healthy oils and extra vitamins and minerals. Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried dog Meal Mixers makes with your little wolf’s choice of chicken, beef, turkey, or salmon and cod proteins better. They’ve added organic fruits and veggies to their dog food toppers so your dog will get the benefit of additional nutrients. Dehydrated meal enhancers are also very popular with canines. The Honest Kitchen dog Proper Toppers in chicken and turkey with 90% pure meat. These delicious dog food toppers give your pet’s food a superfood boost with just five dehydrated whole food ingredients plus essential vitamins and minerals. Pet food seasonings are convenient dog food toppers that can be shaken onto any meal to give it some extra flavor. Cat-Man-Doo Sprinkles make a tasty topper for wet or dry food, and can be given to both cats and dogs. These enticing flakes are made from 100% dried bonito fish. Dogs love them, and the natural fish oils help keep their coat silky and healthy. Other favorite dog food toppers come in pouches full of meaty chunks in gravy or smooth purées of meat and fruits or veggies. Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness Trail Toppers answer the call of the wild with bites of protein-rich meat in a hearty gravy that can be poured over kibble. Purina Beyond has several purées that combine ingredients like beef and apples, chicken and carrots, and beef and berries. Surprise your pooch at mealtime with one of these irresistible dog food toppers. There are plenty of options for flavors and textures on Canine'sworld online pet store that are sure to satisfy even the most finicky pets.

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