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  • Calm Paws Dog Calming Collars
  • Calm Paws Dog Calming Collars
  • Calm Paws Dog Calming Collars
  • Calm Paws Dog Calming Collars
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Calm Paws

Calm Paws Calming Collar for Dogs

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💎Take a new approach to behavior support with the Calm Paws Calming Dog Collar. Using a premium blend of essential oils that have soothing effects on your anxious dog, this collar easily fits around your dog’s neck so he can enjoy all the calming benefits. An innovative way to supply constant support day and night, it’s especially great during stressful situations to minimize anxious behaviors such as marking, excessive barking, restlessness and jumping. Unlike sprays or plug-ins that only work in the home, this portable solution goes wherever your dog goes.

Key Benefits
  • Calming collar releases natural oil extracts that are well known for their calming properties.
  • Made with a premium blend of essential oils, including lavender oil extracted from the fields of France.
  • Patented design aids stress-related behaviors like marking, excessive barking, restlessness and jumping.
  • Perfect for everyday use to provide calming support all day and night wherever you go.
  • Lasts up to 30 days and fits necks up to 20-inches. Just cut off the excess for smaller dogs.
⚠️ Precautions

Collar should not be used to attach a leash to the dog. Do not use on dogs known to have sensitivities to essential oil products. Contains Eucalyptol, Alpha-Pinene X. May produce an allergic reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with prolonged exposure. Contains natural based ingredients: in rare cases, may cause allergic reactions.


  1. Remove collar from pouch and gently pull part. Discard the thin linking material that holds the collar in a coiled spiral.
  2. Place collar around your pet's neck and secure by sliding the narrow end through the disc buckle.
  3. A correct fit will allow two fingers to be comfortably inserted between the neck and collar. Cut off any excess length of collar beyond the buckle.