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Flexi Comfort Retractable Nylon Tape Dog Leash

Flexi Comfort Retractable Nylon Tape Dog Leash

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💎  The Flexi Comfort Retractable Tape Dog Leash is a meticulously designed leash that offers exceptional functionality and comfort. It features a two-color design with a color-coordinated brake button, ensuring optimal control over your pet. The short-stop one-handed braking system ensures reliability, while the ergonomic soft-grip handle provides comfort during use. Furthermore, this leash can be enhanced with the addition of accessories, such as the Flexi Multi Box Dog Leash Accessory or the Flexi LED Lighting System, making walks even more enjoyable. With a long history of innovation, Flexi has created a leash that runs smoothly and allows your dog to run freely. Upgrade your leash experience with the Flexi Comfort Retractable Tape Dog Leash 

⚡  Key Benefits 

  • Runs smoothly in and out so that your dog can roam freely, or be restrained at the perfect length.
  • Short-stop one-handed braking system is reliable and makes it possible to direct your pup easily.
  • Ergonomic soft-grip is comfortable in your hand, perfect for those long walks around town.
  • Compatible with the Flexi Multi Box Dog Leash Accessory or Flexi LED Lighting System for added convenience.
  • Beautiful matching designs allow you to pick the color that best suits you and your pup 



📏 Size Chart 

Size Length Recommended Weight
X-Small 10 feet up to 26 lbs
Small 16 feet up to 33 lbs
Medium 16 feet up to 55 lbs
Large 16 feet up to 132 lbs
Large 26 feet up to 110 
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