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Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage, Color Varies

Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage, Color Varies

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💎  Introducing the Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage, the perfect haven for your beloved feathered friends! With ample space for multiple parakeets, cockatiels, or other small-to-medium sized birds, this cage is designed to provide the ultimate comfort and freedom for your pets to spread their wings and soar.

Crafted with your convenience in mind, each cage is equipped with a removable grille and pull-out debris tray, making cleaning a breeze. The inclusion of two carry handles adds an extra layer of convenience, while the two hooded cups and four wood perches cater to all your birds' feeding and perching needs.

The Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage is not just a cage, but a luxurious sanctuary for your pets to thrive and flourish. Order yours today and give your birds the gift of comfort and freedom they deserve!

⚡️ Key Benefits

  • Extra space for multiple parakeets and other small-medium birds
  • Removable grille and pull-out debris tray make cleaning easy
  • Each cage includes 2 hooded cups and 4 wood perches




🖊  Instructions Chart

We would like to provide you with clear instructions to assemble your Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage with ease:

  1. Begin by placing the plastic base on a stable surface. Ensure that the surface is level and sturdy to avoid any instability issues.

  2. Next, open the cage body wire mesh and attach the bottom of the body to the plastic base. Make sure the main door of the cage is facing the front, and the wire loops to attach the top facing outward.

  3. Attach the cage top to the body assembly using the wire hooks. Gently position and secure the top into place, ensuring that it fits snugly.

  4. Once the top is securely in place, it's time to add any additional items such as perches or feeding cups. Place these in their desired positions, ensuring that they are stable and secure.

  5. Finally, check that all latches securing the top to the body and the body to the base are in place and secure. Double-check all attachments to make sure the cage is completely safe for your pets.

We hope that these instructions are helpful, and you are now ready to assemble your Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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