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Bio Groom Super Blue Plus Shampoo

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💎 If you’re looking for a convenient way to refresh furry friends between baths, reach for Bio-Groom Waterless Bath No Rinse Shampoo. It requires no wetting or rinsing, making it a great option for spot cleaning or helping sick or old pets freshen up. The formula eliminates stains and removes coat odors, so it’s also perfect for post-potty cleanup. On top of that, the waterless shampoo can be used on furkids of all species, including kittens and puppies. When it comes to quick, convenient cleanup, Bio-Groom Waterless Bath is a sure bet!

⚡Key Benefits

  • Shampoo helps lift stains from furry friends’ coats without using water.
  • Makes the paw-fect product for quick cleanups between regular baths.
  • Formula is great for shampooing sick or aging animal companions.
  • Deodorizing cleaner is super convenient for dealing with bathroom blunders.
  • Bio-Groom Waterless Bath can be safely used on puppies and kittens.
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