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Four Paws

Magic Coat Self-Cleaning Pin Brush

Magic Coat Self-Cleaning Pin Brush

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💎 Help reduce shedding and encourage a soft, shiny coat with Four Paws’ Magic Coat Self-Cleaning Dog Pin Brush! This useful tool can help remove dead hair, tangles and knots and is 100% suitable for all coat types. Simply brush away old fur and when the pad becomes too full, just press the button on the back to wipe the pad clean. The pin bristles help to gently stimulate the skin to promote healthy circulation and promote shine. And since Four Paws’ Pin Brush can be used on all coats, it’s especially paw-fect for homes with multiple canine companions!

Key Benefits

  • Designed to help reduce shedding by removing dead hair and tangles.
  • Ideal for all coat types including long and short.
  • Features a button on the back of the brush to remove old hair.
  • Versatile grooming tool is a great option for pet parents with one pup or more!
  • The pins help stimulate your dog’s skin and help increase shine.
MATERIAL Stainless Steel
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