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Miracle Care

Miracle Care Coat Spray-On Waterless Dog Shampoo

Miracle Care Coat Spray-On Waterless Dog Shampoo

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Miracle Coat Spray-On Waterless Shampoo is a revolutionary way to get your pup looking their best without having to take them for a bath. Using tea tree oil, it helps nourish and soothe their skin, while providing a gorgeous shine and tangle-free fur 🤩! Perfect for touch-ups and ideal for use year-round!

🐶 Woof-worthy Perks! 

  • Perfect for dogs that do not like the tub or shower
  • Perfect for quick touch-ups in between baths
  • Creates the shiniest, healthiest coat without water
  • All natural waterless formula requires no rinsing
  • Easy application with quiet spray nozzle
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