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Nylabone Puppy Petite Dental Puppy Chew Toy

Nylabone Puppy Petite Dental Puppy Chew Toy

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Make sure your pup starts out on the right paw with the Nylabone Puppy Petite Dental Puppy Chew Toy! Develop good chewing habits with this American-made treat, plus get a boost of dental health👄 thanks to its textured design that removes plaque and tartar. With this chew, your puppy will have healthy teeth, strong jaws, and a happy tail-waggin' smile! 🐾

🐶 Woof-worthy Perks! 

  • Designed with ridges and nubs to prevent plaque and tartar buildup as your puppy chews and promote.
  • This gentle puppy toy eases pain while your little furry friend is teething.
  • This dog chew toy is proudly made in the USA.
  • Designed for extra-small canine companions who weigh up to 15 pounds.
  • Features a whisker-licking chicken flavor throughout.




🖊️  Instructions Chart 

Hand wash with warm soapy water & rinse thoroughly.



📖 Take Note

Can I put my dog's Nylabone® in the dishwasher?

Nylabone® Chews and Toys should not be autoclaved, boiled, placed in a dishwasher, washing machine, convection or microwave oven. To clean Nylabone® Non-Edible Chews, scrub with a brush under warm water, using mild, non-toxic detergent, and rinse thoroughly. Inspect for wear while cleaning.

When should I replace my dog's favorite Non-Edible Nylabone® chew?

Replace when knuckle ends are worn down, or if it becomes too small for your dog to chew safely.

Where are Nylabone products made?

Most Nylabone® Products are made in the USA in our facility here in Neptune City, NJ. All USA-Made Nylabone products have the American Flag on the package.A few of our products are made in China. Be assured that all Nylabone manufacturing partners - both domestic and overseas - must adhere to stringent quality control standards for every product that bears the company’s name. Our quality control team visits these plants on a regular basis to ensure policies and procedures are in full compliance with our rigorous regulations.We have a regular ongoing testing program in place to further ensure the quality and safety of our products. For added assurance, we use independent, third-party testing facilities. The confidence of the consumers who use our products is of paramount importance to us.

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