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Ultra Dog Muzzle

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💎Ultra Dog Muzzle comes to the rescue when dogs are just a little too stressed or excited. This doggy muzzle has a flexible fit for wider noses and a small convenient opening so your pup can eat while it’s on. This muzzle does double duty by protecting other pets and people from bites while maintaining the welfare and happiness of your dog. It has ergonomically designed safety strapping and two additional points of secure attachment to ensure the muzzle stays doesn't fall off. The over-head strap is completely removable if desired and the muzzle also has a loop at the bottom for your dog's collar. Finally, the metal buckle has pre-holed webbing, which means it’s fully adjustable for a quick and easy fit.

Key Benefits

  • Soft and lightweight for a comfortable fit and has a treat-friendly design so you can feed your dog while he's wearing his muzzle.
  • Tough and durable malleable thermal plastic rubber provides protection and can even be heated with hot water and shaped for a customized fit.
  • Great for behavior modification programs.
  • Ergonomically designed safety strapping keeps the muzzle secure and features two points of attachment, a loop for your dog's collar and a removable over-head safety strap.
  • Fully adjustable head and neck straps with added comfort from neoprene padded lining.


  1. Secure loop attaches to your dogs regular collar.
  2. Soft neoprene padding for extra support.
  3. Overhead strap connects directly to the rear strap.
  4. Allows panting, drinking and treating.


Product Category: mask material: plastic The muzzle is made entirely from heavy-duty plastic, Scratch-resistant material. The plastic material design of the muzzle makes it scratch, warp, stain, and dirt-resistant, as well as extremely easy to clean


With a looser basket design, the puppy is still able to drink and pant, as well as eat dry foods and treats, but cannot bite or nip. The basket also prevents the dog from engaging in self-chewing habits or from licking injuries, which can make injuries worse or cause sores.

Increased visibility

- reflective straps make your dog safer on walkies both day and night

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