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Pet Head

Pet Head Mucky Pup Puppy Spray Pear with Chamomile

Pet Head Mucky Pup Puppy Spray Pear with Chamomile

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Pet Head Mucky Pup Spray for Puppies is a pup-perfect 🐶 spritzing that'll make their coat smell 🤩 and feel touchably soft. Just spray-brush-and-towel dry - no need to rinse. Pet Head stands apart with its human-grade 💯 ingredients and delightful scents - an 🔑 feature of the brand! 🤩 Made in the USA..

🐶 Woof-worthy Perks! 

  • Easy to use; simply spray, brush, and towel dry - no rinse needed
  • Ideal for puppies' young and delicate skin
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, pH balanced
  • Contains no parabens surfactants or dyes
  • Prickly Pear fragrance - sweet, fruity with a slight tropical nuance



🧫 Ingredients  Chart

Our Mucky Pup range contains Prickly Pear seed oil which hydrates and conditions your pup's coat. While Rosehip seed oil helps to leave your pup’s, coats hydrated and nourished. Chamomile and Aloe Vera extract nourishes and sooths skin as well as vegetable protein strengthens your pup’s coat.



🖊  Instructions Chart

Spray onto fur, brush out and towel dry for a best smelling pup. No rinse needed.

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