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  • 6 Fl.Oz Fresh 'n Clean Dog Cologne
  • 12 Fl.Oz Fresh 'n Clean Dog Cologne
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Fresh 'n Clean

PetAg Fresh 'n Clean Dog Cologne Spray, Baby Powder Scent,

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💎 Keep your best bud from smelling beastly with PetAg’s Fresh 'n Clean Dog Cologne Spray. This handy dog cologne sprays on easily and gives your pup a long-lasting Baby Powder scent to keep her smelling exceedingly civilized and well-bred. Great for that time in between washings or persistently stinky buddies, this easy-to-use spray works instantly to gently mask odors.

⚡ Key Benefits

  • An essential tool for sometimes-odiferous canines.
  • Helps boost that fresh, clean after-bath smell.
  • Great for those in-between-baths times or when the groomer’s all booked up.
  • The pleasant scent provides lasting freshness.
  • Unisex Baby Powder scent is appropriate for both male and female dogs.
Item Number 186956
Lifestage Adult
Product Form Spray



🧫 Ingredients 

Water, Solvent (Alcohol), Emulsifier (Triethanolamine), Preservative (Sodium Benzoate), Fragrance, Propellant.


🖊️  Instructions Chart

Shake well, Spray 10-12 inches from pet. Spray from the head back in a sweeping motion.