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Petstages Puppy Cuddle Pal Dog Toy

Petstages Puppy Cuddle Pal Dog Toy

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💎 There are many times in your dog's life when the need to soothe and calm is critical. Travel, trips to veterinarian or groomer, illness or commotion are all times when aid in calming and soothing could be beneficial. Use the Petstages soothing toys to help focus and calm your puppy, adult dog and senior dog. Use the Puppy Cuddle Pal to provide warmth and comfort for your pup. Simply microwave this toy and place with your furry friend when ready for bed, or any other time comfort is needed!

⚡ Key Benefits
  • Plush toy is stuffed with a removable buckwheat packet, which radiates warmth like a heating pad long after it's been heated. Can be microwaved for 30 seconds, stays warm for approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • Soft, cozy shape provides soothing comfort when sleeping or stressed
  • Chewy tail offers an appropriate chew object for new puppy
  • Durable plush shell can be machine washed as needed; Buckwheat packet is removable for washing
  • Measures 7" L x 6" W x 1.5" H

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Instruction Chart

Microwave product on HIGH setting for 30 seconds. Remove and place with dog. To wash, remove warming packet from inside of product and machine wash outside shell only. Dry completely. (Warming packet should not be washed or wet). Knotted tail for chewing. Can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed.


Where Fun Meets Functional

Petstages' dog toys are all about having fun, but they're also made to address your pup's most primal needs. Their innovative chew toys satisfy that intense urge to gnaw, and behind the scenes, they're also helping to keep his teeth clean or keeping him cool and collected while you're away. Just like their name says, Petstages makes toys for every stage of development to keep him fit, entertained and engaged from puppyhood to his senior days.

Where Fun Meets Functional

Made for Power Chewers

Whether it's an intense game of fetch or a quiet chewing session to wind down before bedtime, Petstages chew toys have it covered. The ORKA Tennis Ball has unique ridges that give your dog's teeth and gums a workout, and it's durable enough for stronger jaws. He'll be panting with anticipation for you to throw this bouncy ball as soon as you pull it out of the toy bin. For more traditional types, the Dogwood Stick combines real wood—complete with a natural woodsy smell—and non-toxic material that makes it safer to retrieve than the average stick.

About Petstages

Petstages makes reliable products that you can count on in every stage of your pet's life. They partner with pet experts to create the most inventive developmental toys, which they like to call "products with purpose." These toys doger to the instinctual needs of dogs and dogs, giving them durable toys for playing, interacting, scratching, chasing, chewing, kicking, biting and even snuggling. No matter your pet's need, Petstages is committed to fulfilling it through constant innovation.


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