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Safari Bristle Dog Brush, Color Varies

Safari Bristle Dog Brush, Color Varies

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💎  The Safari Bristle Dog Brush is designed to quickly clean and shine your dog's coat. Small, quick strokes work to remove dirt and debris from your pup's hair. Meanwhile, long, flowing strokes can help redistribute natural oils to create a healthy, shiny look. This grooming tool is paw-fect for multi-pet homes and dogs of all breeds.

⚡  Key Benefits 

  • Bristles distribute natural oils evenly throughout your dog’s coat to promote healthy, shiny hair.
  • Great for all breeds and coat types.
  • Ideal for multi-pet households.
  • Removes dirt and debris to help maintain a clean coat.
  • Soft bristles offer gentle yet effective grooming.
Item Number 199925
Breed Size Small Breed, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds
Material Plastic
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