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Sentry Calming Ointment

Sentry Calming Ointment

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💎Sometimes certain environments can cause dogs to feel stressed or overwhelmed. So, help keep your canine companion calm, cool and collected with Sentry’s Calming Ointment for Anxious Dogs. This topical formula works as a short-term solution for dogs who suffer from environmentally induced fear or excitement. Just apply the fast-acting ointment right on top of your sidekick’s nose and he’ll immediately begin to breathe in all the calming pheromones.

Key Benefits 

  • Uses pheromone technology to help dogs who experience fear or excitement as a result of their environment.
  • Topical formula is easy to use—simply apply to the top of your dog’s nose.
  • Formulated to help keep canine companions relaxed and calm.
  • Designed to provide a short-term solution for anxious dogs.
  • Proudly made in the USA for paw-tners from all life stages.
  • Scientifically Proven to Calm & Alleviate Anxious Behavior in Dogs
  • Fast Acting
  • Easy to Apply
  • May be Used with Collars, Sprays, or Diffusers
  • For Use on Dogs




  • Adult
  • Puppy
  • Senior


  • Extra Small & Toy Breeds
  • Small Breeds
  • Medium Breeds
  • Large Breeds
  • Giant Breeds
  • All Breeds


  • Ointment



Apply a thin coat of ointment, sufficient to cover most of the dog's nose. The entire nose does not need to be covered. Re-apply as needed.

🧪 Ingredients 

Pheromone…..0.005% Inert Ingredients….99.995% Total……100%"


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