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Skout's Honor

Skouts Honor Dog Flea and Tick Yard Spray 32Oz

Skouts Honor Dog Flea and Tick Yard Spray 32Oz

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Protect your pup's play area from pesky fleas and ticks 🐜🐛 with Skouts Honor Dog Flea and Tick Yard Spray! This all-natural, cruelty-free spray repels mosquitos AND kills flea and tick larvae and eggs - so your furry friend can have some peace and quiet (and free of bugs!) this summer. Don't just flea from the problem - set up a safe perimeter! 🐶

🐶 Woof-worthy Perks! 

  • Kills fleas before they can infest your four-legged friend’s fur.
  • Keeps your sidekick safe on all his outback adventures by killing ticks.
  • Repels mosquitos so you and your mini mate can enjoy nights around the yard.
  • Crafted to be eco-friendly so you can feel good about each and every spray down.
  • Features a maximum strength, cruelty-free formula that helps kill and repel pests all around your yard.

Item Number 296648

Made In United States

Sourced From United States

Shop Conscious Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free

Usage Prevention, Treatment

Repels or Prevents Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae, Fleas, Ticks

Kills or Treats Fleas, Ticks, Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae

Lifestage Adult, Senior, Puppy

Product Form Spray


 ⚠️ Precautions 

 If your furry pal uses a topical flea and tick remedy, make sure to follow the bathing guidances on the flea and tick pack - 'cause each treatment's different and may need different wait-times 'fore hitting the water 🧼!


🧫 Ingredients Chart 

Water, Ethyl Lactate, Polyglyceryl Stearate, Cellulose, Mixture with Cellulose Carboxymethyl Ether, Sodium Salt, Sodium Benzoate, Vitamin E.

 Active Ingredients 

Cedarwood Oil 7.0%

Peppermint Oil 6.0%

Eugenol 1.0%


🖊 Instructions Chart 

For Active Pest Problems: Apply twice within 2-10 days for best results. After attaching to a hose, turn the nozzle and start spraying the bottom 2 feet of your home/structure until visibly wet. Continue into the yard, and to the back of your property line. Walk at a steady pace and use a sweeping motion, slightly overlapping treated areas until visibly wet. Do not apply to a food-use site, such as fruit and vegetable gardens. To ensure you�re fully treating your pest problem, we recommend using in conjunction with Skout's Honor Flea & Tick Dog + Home Spray.


For Prevention & Maintenance: Prevents fleas, ticks and mosquitos in an area up to 5,000 sq ft. For ongoing control, apply every 30-45 days, or as needed. Use year-round for total peace of mind.


Coverage Area: Treats up to 5,000 sq ft.Store in a cool, dry place. Offer empty container for recycling.

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