Canine's World 6 lbs Supreme Pet Foods Rabbit Food Supreme Pet Foods Russel Rabbit Food
Canine's World Supreme Pet Foods Rabbit Food Supreme Pet Foods Russel Rabbit Food
Canine's World Supreme Pet Foods Rabbit Food Supreme Pet Foods Russel Rabbit Food
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Canine's World Supreme Pet Foods Rabbit Food Supreme Pet Foods Russel Rabbit Food
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Supreme Pet Foods Russel Rabbit Food

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💎 Give your rabbit friend a meal that is nutritious and oh so delicious with Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Food! This recipe delivers a tasty mix that helps to encourage natural foraging and provides a nutritionally complete and balanced diet for adult rabbits of all shapes and sizes. Made with zero added sugar, this Russel Rabbit Food is especially perfect for little furry friends who need to watch their weight. Rabbits absolutely love the variety of ingredients in this food, including peas, maize, timothy hay and alfalfa. So, give your tiny friend the taste of Tiny Friends Farm, he’s going to love it!

⚡Key Benefits
  • Adult rabbits of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the delectable taste of this Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Food.
  • Encourages natural foraging and provides rabbits with a nutritionally complete and balanced diet.
  • Delicious taste and high-quality ingredients including peas, maize, timothy hay, alfalfa and added vitamins.
  • Specially formulated without any added sugar for tiny pets who need to lose weight or maintain their current weight.
  • Proudly made in the United Kingdom with wholesome ingredients that your rabbit will love.
WEIGHT Varies By Size
FOOD FORM Dried Veggies, Mix


🔬 Nutritional Info


Wheat, Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Meal, Whole Oats, Soya Bean Hulls, Flaked Wheat, Soya Oil, Wheat Feed, Extruded Locust Beans, Calcium Carbonate.

Guaranteed Analysis

✍ Feeding Instructions

The average adult rabbit (25 kg) will require 60-70g per day of Russel Rabbit. Fresh vegetables should also be provided along with good quality hay and clean drinking water. Store in a cool dry place.


From the manufacturer


What to Feed Your Rabbits...

Rabbits should have constant access to unlimited amounts of fresh hay and/or grass to eat. They should also have a carefully measured portion of rabbit food, fed half in the morning and half in the evening to make sure they are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. In addition, a handful of fresh leafy green veggies add variety and ca help add more tasty fibre to your pet’s diet. A good quality, heavy, earthenware bowl keeps food dry and clean and prevents the rabbits from tipping the food and a hay rack helps keep hay clean and fresh. Bowls must be cleaned after every use.

It is important for rabbits to have a balanced diet with lots of fibre to keep their gut healthy and to encourage chewing to keep their continuously growing teeth in trim. Rabbits need a constant supply of as much fresh hay as they can chew and hay should make up at least 80% of their daily diet, rabbits also need to be fed a portion-controlled quantity of concentrate food to help ensure they are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need and this should make up approximately 20% of their daily diet (around one tablespoon of food fed in the morning and the evening depending on the size of your rabbit and depending on the energy density of the food you are feeding, see pack guidelines for full details). Ideally, your rabbit’s concentrate food should be an all-in-one pellet or nugget type diet, to prevent selective feeding. Supreme’s Science Selective rabbit food promotes wellbeing and vitality for adult rabbits and with no added sugars, it is kind to teeth. With 25% crude fibre, it promotes healthy digestion as well as providing great taste and satisfaction.

In the wild Rabbits spend up to 70% of their time foraging for food. A Rabbit that cannot do this can become bored, depressed and even aggressive. In addition to your rabbit’s daily diet, you should also feed a handful of fresh leafy greens every day such as parsley, dandelion, carrot tops, broccoli, cabbage leaves, kale, spinach, basil, mint and watercress. Sweet vegetables such as carrots and fruit should only ever be fed in very small pieces as a special treat.

Some rabbit foods contain a mixture of ingredients of varying taste, texture, shape, size and palatability such as Supreme’s Russel Rabbit. These foods are often known as mixes, due to their appearance.

If rabbits are being fed too much of this type of food, they can feed selectively this means they pick out the bits of the mix they like best and don’t get all the nutrition they need. In addition, some muesli mixes contain added sugars to make the food more palatable, this can also cause overeating and obesity, which can lead to digestive upset and dental issues. Supreme does not add sugars to any of its small animal foods – by selecting the very finest quality ingredients, our foods taste great naturally.

If you are feeding your rabbit a muesli mix style diet it is important to follow the on-pack instructions and only feed the recommended daily portion size and not keep topping up the bowl. Your pet’s bowl should not be refilled until everything in the daily portion has been eaten and it should always be fed alongside ad lib hay, fresh water and a handful of suitable fresh leafy greens every day. If your rabbit tends to pick and choose and is not eating everything in the daily portion of the mix (and 48 hours should be allowed for this to happen if necessary, ensuring an unlimited supply of fresh hay and water is available at all times), you should change your pet’s diet to an all-in-one diet such as Selective. Your rabbit’s diet should always be changed gradually and you can download our Diet Transition from our website for advice on how to safely transition your pet from one food to another.

To help alleviate boredom and provide environmental enrichment, as well as giving your rabbits constant access to lots of hay, you can provide chew toys such as gnawing blocks, or toilet roll tubes fiiled with hay and herbs. Fruit tree twigs such as apple, pear and blackberry are safe for Rabbits, as are Hazel and Willow twigs, which you can buy from many pet stores.




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