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Four Paws

Four Paws Walk-About Spiral Tie-Out Stake

Four Paws Walk-About Spiral Tie-Out Stake

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💎 Hey, don't leave the family's furriest friend behind when heading out for a picnic… pups like a trip to the park as much as you do! The Four Paws Walk-About Spiral Tie-Out Stake is a portable anchor strong enough to keep your pal in place while you use both hands for the hamburger! The 19" stake screws into the ground and has a spring shock absorber to reduce the tension between your furry friend and the tie-out cable.

Key Benefits 

  • Made of solid steel so you know it's strong and durable
  • Screws into ground easily to ensure a secure hold
  • Keeps your pup safe and secure while still having freedom to roam around the yard
  • Shock absorber spring makes tie-out more comfortable by reducing tension on your furry friend
  • Easy to install and measures 19 inches in height


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