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Four Paws

Magic Coat Dual-Sided Combo Brush

Magic Coat Dual-Sided Combo Brush

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💎 The Magic Coat Dual-Sided Combo Brush features pins on one side to remove knots, tangles and loose hair, and nylon bristles on the other side to remove dirt, dander and debris while stimulating and distributing your dog's natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat.

⚡Key Benefits 

  • Pin side reduces knots, tangles and loose hair
  • Nylon bristle side removes debris and distributes natural oils for a healthy shine
  • Ergonomic, comfortable groomer's grip

The Shedding Rake is ideal for all coat types


From the manufacturer

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The Importance of Regular Grooming

About Four Paws

Since 1970, Four Paws has been committed to manufacturing the highest-quality pet products available on the market. We are equally committed to providing the finest customer service in the industry. Every product is tested for usability for both owner and pet. Four Paws is a proud member of the following Pet Industry Trade Associations: APPA, WWPSA, PIJAC, and PIDA.


Grooming your pet is about so much more than good looks. A well-groomed pet is healthier, happier, and much more fun to be around.

  • Long or short, straight or curly, soft or wiry, single or double, every coat type benefits from a good brushing with a Four Paws brush!
  • Regular bathing helps keep your dog clean, smelling great, and pest-free. Magic Coat shampoos are personalized for every condition and skin/coat type
  • Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is a critical part of dog care, and Four Paws has everything you need to maintain smooth, short nails.
  • Clean, ears are the hallmark of a healthy dog. Four Paws Ear Wipes gently clean the ears; the Ear Wash relieves itching and removes excess wax and the Ear Powder helps keep ears dry and reduces odor
  • Eye Care: Keep your dog’s eyes clear and the area around them stain-free with Four Paws Eye Wipes and Crystal Eye, specially formulated to remove tearstains and other discoloration from the fur.
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