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Four Paws

Four Paws Medium Weight Tie Out Cable

Four Paws Medium Weight Tie Out Cable

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💎 No need to lug around a heavy chain just to enjoy a fenceless yard! The Four Paws Medium Weight Tie Out Cable gives pet pals under 50 pounds the chance to explore the great outdoors while staying in the yard with a light, aircraft-quality cable that's guaranteed not to rust. These tie outs are available in multiple lengths and have a swiveling bronze snap on each end.

Key Benefits

  • Made of vinyl coated aircraft cable so you know it's strong and durable
  • Rust-proof and won't fray for a long-lasting, quality product. Features bronze snaps that swivel and add extra durability
  • Allows freedom for dogs and insures safety while letting them roam around the yard, and with no links, you don't have to worry about it getting tangles
  • Safe and stronger than normal chain tie-outs and will not dig up grass. Easy to clean and store which makes it great to take with you on vacations when needed
  • Available in 4 different lengths to fit your needs and is suitable for dogs under 50 pounds


Item Number 67702
Lifestage Adult
Breed Size Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds, Medium Breeds
Material N/A
Leash Type Tie Out Cable
Leash Length 30 feet
Leash Size Extra Long (over 21 feet)


⚠️  Precaution

The security/effectiveness of this product will depend on the material into which it is embedded. Loose soil, or soft, dry or rotting wood, for example, may not provide for a secure installation. Be forewarned that a strong or determined animal may still be capable of pulling itself free from this product, as with all such similar devices.


🖊️ Instructions Chart

  • Select a site that is free from all obstructions.
  • Attach one snap of tie-out cable to stake in the ground, or use a screw eye hook if attaching tie-out cable to fence pole, tree or side of house.
  • Attach the other bolt snap to dog's collar.
  • Dog will now have complete freedom.


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