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Four Paws

Four Paws Wee Wee Insta Rise Border Quilted Pads

Four Paws Wee Wee Insta Rise Border Quilted Pads

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💎 When your furry friend has an accident indoors you’ll be glad it’s on the Wee-Wee Insta-Rise Border Dog Pads. These innovative pads feature a four-sided wetness-activated border that will rise when it is exposed to liquids, preventing leaks and runoff from spilling over and reaching the floor! High-performance absorption technology keeps messes locked in while the dual-action wet-lock gel absorbs fluids and odors. If that wasn’t enough to give you peace of mind, the oversized rapid-dry quilt pockets provide an extra layer of defense so you know your home is safe. Each pad comes with a targeted attractant to help engage your canine companion, encouraging him to do his business on the pad and not on the carpet!

Key Benefits

  • These uniquely designed dog pads are made with a 4-sided border that will prevent run-off by rising when it’s exposed to liquids.
  • The dog-friendly attractant targets your pooch so he pees on the pad and not on your floor.
  • Quilted fabric features rapid-dry pockets that stop your pet from stepping on his mess and tracking it around the house.
  • Designed to offer up to 24 hours of protection.
  • Wet-lock gel absorbs fluids and odors so you see and smell less mess.


Size Dimensions
ONE SIZE 22 x 23 inches
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